MoJo in Manhattan
MoJo in Manhattan
Down to the bones with Morgan Jones

 Morgan Jones


Bred and buttered in NYC, I was always drawn to individual expression. In high school, I found my creative outlet to be in the form taking fashion risks - mixing unusual textures and colors, shopping in the little boys section of Nordstrom, and adopting my step-fathers cowboy boots (that were about 4 sizes too big and which was then remedied with uncopious numbers of socks to fill the space). 

In 2012 I moved across the country to Boulder, Colorado, to study News Editorial Journalism and get a breath of fresh air, and after having multiple senior year panic attacks about my next life moves, I resorted to spending three months on the island of Bali to figure it all out. I returned to New York in the fall of 2016 where my two Beau's awaited me (if you don't know @beautheboxer_, you don't really know me).

For ever since I can remember, I had the dream of being a freelancer.  For a lot of that time, I had no idea what that meant or how to pursue it, but I liked the idea of the career choice probably because it had the word "free" in it and meant that I didn't have to fully decide or commit to one job, one company, or one career. In 2017 I made that dream a reality when I left my job in corporate fashion to take on clients doing social media strategy and content creation. 

I enjoy my coffee black, my LaCroix grapefruit, and my martinis extra dirty. Want to know more? Follow me on Instagram @morganmariejones or shoot me an email with your best one-liner.